What is Kaligi?

Kaligi is a co-op text based puzzle game that will test your loyalty and challenge your problem solving skills. Team up with your friends to conquer the adventures in each chapter.

For a sneak peak of how to play the game, click here. To get a more detailed idea, you can play the tutorial.

For each adventure you will need a total of 2-4 people to play with.

Riches to rags

Having lost all your savings on things you'd rather not talk about, you decide to go an another treasure hunt to regain the wealth you've become used to. Will you be able to overcome the turbulent journey and return with your life, sanity and riches?

Difficulty moderate
Estimated time to complete 90 - 120min
Completion rate 4.2%
Players 2 - 4

When you're ready to start, create a game and invite your friends.

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